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Funny And Unfair Situations of Tall People That Will Make You LOL

Tall people go through many funny and unfair situations in their daily life, which sometimes are inconvenient.

Funny and unfair situations are part of everyone’s life. However, it looks like tall people are the most unfortunate ones.

They have to go through many inconvenient situations in their daily life, which sometimes are funny and unfair. That happens because our world is built for average-height people.

For example, the average adult height around the globe is 5’2” for females and 5’6” for males. Imagine people taller than that… Giants! LOL.

Viral Strange has collected 20 photos of funny and unfair situations of tall people that no matter how unfortunate, will make you laugh out loud.

1. “Welcome to everyday of my life everywhere.”

Funny and unfair situations
© Max_farsteps / Reddit

2. “I can only sit in a plane like this if there is no seat in front of me, normal seats are 100% impossible or I will block the walking path.”


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3. “There’ll be magnificent views, they said.”

Funny and unfair situations
© Thats2bad4u001 / Reddit

4. Now this is a funny and unfair situation! LOL

© andrew80 / Reddit

5. “And then the bus comes to an abrupt and sudden stop.”

Funny and unfair situations
© Amerphose / Reddit

6. “My tall friend’s solution to using an elliptical”

© fattehboi / Reddit

7. “You think planes are bad?.. I sat here 5 hours”

© Patbach / Reddit

8. “I get honked at often because it is impossible to see traffic lights.”

© weezeface / Reddit

9. “A friend of mine at a recent checkup”

Funny and unfair situations
© Unknown / Imgur

10. “I’m 6’7″, and went to visit my short in-laws today.”

Funny and unfair situations
© sebs8 / Reddit

11. “I face tall man problems daily, but this was ridiculous.”

© Mrdazjames / Reddit

12. “Hi. I’m Ben. I’m tall (6 Feet, 9.5 Inches.) I stand near things that are shorter than me.”

© benstandingnexttothings / Tumblr

13. “Can Jim stand up straight in the Airstream?”

14. “Ordered this shirt online… it was normal length on the model. Good thing crop tops are in style?”

Funny and unfair situations
© WeirdFishes__Arpeggi / Reddit

15. “I guess 6’4” is about a foot too tall to use my bathroom mirror.”

© Kidsoftcage / Reddit

16. “Race day photos turned out great!”

Funny and unfair situations
© lionzeye / Reddit

17. “Jumping on the work desk bandwagon.”

© SmoothMoveExLap / Reddit

18. “Every time sidewalk ever.”

© Tallnotstrong / Reddit

19. “Got my learners permit today!!!!”

© joe28eiid / Reddit

20. Ben, standing next to things

© benstandingnexttothings / Tumblr

Which one is the funniest situation? Have you ever been in a similar one? Tell us your experience or someone you know that is tall…

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