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    26 Reasons Why Dads Are the Best Friends You Need

    Our dads play an important role in the family, but most of the time, they don’t get much recognition as our mothers’. No one talks about Father’s day as much as we talk about Mother’s day, and the list goes on. They deserve our love and affection because they always do their best for us […] More

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    16 Life Lessons You Need To Ponder As You Grow Old

    Life is not always about attaining success. It is not just about pure joy and happiness. There are times that we experience struggles along the way. We lost some friends while chasing our dreams. We experience a lot of struggles that will slow down our progress. We also made the wrong decisions in the past. […] More

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    Repercussions of Being A Middle Child

    As we grow older, we tend to discover more about ourselves. Was there a point in your life wherein you asked yourself what made you who you are today? Have you tried to assess yourself as to why you behave that way? According to some theorists, our birth order has a big role in how […] More

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    11 Things That Your Older Sister Does Not Like About You

    Growing up having an older sister can be both fun and annoying. You have to deal with her constantly reminding you of some matters. You have to follow her commands and requests. You have to constantly deal with her drama and nagging second to your mom. You have to behave around her because she will […] More

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    10 Reasons Why Your Mom Is The Best Human Being Ever

    Our moms’ give light, love, and care to our families. Without them, it will never be the same, because they are the ones who make sure that everything is working in the family. They always do their best to make sure that everything is in its perfect place. They always prioritize our concerns, that they […] More