Parenting Actions: 11 Unintentionally Harmful Things You Do

Uncover unintentionally harmful parenting actions in this eye-opening article. Ensure a healthier parent-child relationship.

Parenting actions are crucial. In the United States, a child suffers a high chair fall injury every hour. While cautioning outdoor play, dangers lurk in seemingly secure havens like playgrounds or homes.

Viral Strange compiled a list exposing some unintentionally harmful parenting actions, emphasizing 24/7 vigilance to safeguard cherished children.

1. High-impact sports and kids’ safety

Parenting Actions

Engaging in sports is beneficial for kids, but certain high-impact sports like American football, boxing, and rugby pose risks of brain damage and spinal injuries. Neuroscientists urge caution due to repeated head blows and spinal compression. Avoiding such activities is crucial for children’s safety and well-being.

2. W-sitting: A risky habit for kids

The W-sitting position is a common choice for children during playtime, despite its dangers. Osteopath Avni Trivedi warns that this position can hinder proper leg joint and hip bone development, weaken trunk muscles, and strain the back, neck, and shoulders. Encouraging alternative sitting postures is essential.

3. Tablet use and kids’ health

Parenting Actions

Excessive screen time, especially on tablets, exposes kids to harmful blue light. This can lead to various issues, including headaches, eye discomfort, reduced attention span, and disrupted sleep patterns. Minimizing tablet use is crucial for both physical and psychological well-being.

4. Playground slide safety for kids

Parents often slide down with their children on playground slides, assuming it’s safe. Pediatrician Dr. Diane Arnaout reveals hidden dangers: the parent’s weight can increase slide speed, risking arm or leg fractures if caught on the slide’s edges. Opt for individual slides to ensure child safety.

5. Risks of Chubby Bunny game

Parenting Actions

While Chubby Bunny might seem fun, the challenge of fitting marshmallows in the mouth can lead to choking hazards. Instances of choking during this game emphasize the need to prioritize children’s safety over amusement.

6. Chair climbing and childhood injuries

Kids’ curiosity leads them to climb on chairs, leading to potential falls and injuries. Strapping children into chairs and supervising their activities can prevent accidents, particularly high chair falls that often result in head trauma.

7. Dangers of playing in contaminated soil

Parenting Actions

Outdoor play can expose children to lead-contaminated soil, causing severe health issues like brain damage. Despite bans on lead paint, residual contamination in soil from old structures poses risks. Ensuring safe play areas and educating about lead exposure are vital.

8. Trampoline risks for kids


Trampolines can cause severe injuries, from broken bones to concussions and brain damage. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against home trampoline use due to high accident rates. Prioritizing alternative activities ensures child safety.

9. Lawnmower safety concerns

Parenting Actions

Mowing the lawn with kids around poses significant risks, including injuries from falls, machinery accidents, and flying debris. Over 9,000 U.S. children seek emergency care annually due to lawnmower-related injuries. Keep children indoors and away from lawnmowers to prevent accidents.

10. Supervising outdoor play on equipment

Playground injuries, often caused by climbing, result in thousands of emergency room visits annually. Parents must provide vigilant supervision to ensure children’s safe use of playground equipment, reducing the risk of falls and serious injuries.

11. Bicycle safety: Helmet essentials

Parenting Actions

Cycling offers kids joy and independence, but helmet use is non-negotiable. Wearing helmets safeguards against head injuries and trauma during falls. Supervised biking and parental example-setting promote safe and enjoyable cycling experiences.

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Written by Awat Dhahir

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