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15 Strange Things You Encounter In Your Everyday Routine

Like treasure hunters peoples love’s to come across bizzare and strange things during their everyday routines.

I’ve always wanted to be sharp enough,a true dedector of strange and odd things in my daily routine,like seeing something that was not supposed to be there,and to share my strange encounters with all my friends and family.

There are many things that not supposed to be there that we come across everyday but most of them are unpercetable by our own eyes.

We are thankful to show you some of this bizzare encounter in this following post

”Mc Donald’s Bright Sign Found In Sedona,Arizona”


Reddit | Arkayb33

Even though you may be a multimilion dollar company you must obey the city rules for their aesthetics codes,thats way this Mc Donald’s needed to change his yellow traditional sign to a light blue.The only one you will see with this change in their restorants.

”A Road Sign So Small That You May Need Binoculars To Spot It”

Reddit | pump_up_the_jam030

This road sign is so small that most of drivers have difficulty to sport it,a perfect spot for police to give easy tickets.

”Not An Usual Sticker You Find In The Cars In Front Of You”

Reddit | jumpstart02

You can tell about peoples just by the way they treat their pets.We need more supportative parents like this one.

”The Tree Who Skipped Legs Day”

A response of defence made this tree look like its glued from two different pieces.

”Not The Usual Spot To Park Your Bike”

Reddit | BloodyVlady95

Does bikes fall from skyes like rain or some one tried to rob it by lifting it up?

”A Gathering Of Snails Has Been Spoted”

Reddit | Bastedo

Snails coming together under one banner to counquer the world or just a sunday family meeating?

”The Time Damage Of This Coin Made Its Figure Looks Like Wearing Glasses”

Reddit | KillroyWazHere

Swag found this U.S president after a century by giving him a cool look.

”When You Tell Them Your Diet Is Going Well And You Start Eating a Single Piece Of Bread”


Reddit | memermanmoe

The piece of bread i want every time in a friends barbeque.

”A Personal Delivery By ”Snail Mail”

Reddit | PinoyBoyTay

The most dedicated ”mailman” who personally delivers letters.

”One Of a Kind Donut”

Reddit | Sasquatchfl

Some like abstract art but i see more artist skills in this kind of things.Not everybody can make a portrait in a donut.

”Watch Out For Deers On Bike Overtakes”

Reddit | MicSidious

I’ve heard they are forming a bike gang to impress female deers during mating season.

”I Expect a Super Hero To Come Out Of This Pod”

Reddit | devomorales

A cast of supernatural movie left this pod behind and its a strange thing to find but can boost your imagination up.

”Pigeon With Muffed Feet”

Reddit | Sarcastic-Prick

This breed of pigeons have feathered feet making them look like they wear some stylish footwear.

”The Fall Of Light To Darkness”

Reddit | str4wbewwymiwk

The ice under the lamp make it look like light is melting during its illumination.

”Is This a Cut Scene From Titanic?”

Reddit | Morallydevelop

This little turtle on a piece of bread reminds me boat scene from titanic,Jack is that you?

Written by Igli Ismolli

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