25 Totally Adorable Pit Bulls Pictures

A collection of pictures starring adorable pit bulls

People, in general, think that pit bulls are those scary, dangerous dogs. On the other hand, Viral Strange will show the cutest pictures of these not-so-dangerous animals.

1. “Pure joy”

© highclassmang / Reddit

2. These innocent-looking puppies

© twentyonecomic / Twitter

3. “Pitbulls can be cute too”

© satanas81 / Reddit

4. Pure innocence

© _NITRISS_ / Reddit

5. The newest swimming champion

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6. “Where life begins, love never ends”














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7. “Besides my wife, the most beautiful girl at our wedding.”

© onimitsu / Reddit

8. “Pitbulls playing with a balloon :)”

© Batman / Reddit

9. “Daily Boop Limit Exceeded”

© sickpirax / Reddit

10. “My pitbull Emma was sick of people thinking she’s scary and decided to dress up as her true self this Halloween”

© jrmcchicken / Reddit


© y qbeezley31 / Imgur

12. Say cheeseeeee!

© mohawkward / Reddit

13. That look…

© Unknown / Reddit

14. Whazzup?

© SobersFamDogMom / Imgur

15. “Mr. Steal yo girl”

© Strudlee / Reddit

16. “My pitbull won’t let my newborn out of her sight. She is a good girl!”

© Conan013 / Reddit

17. Good Girl

© magpieman01 / Reddit

18. Siblings Love

© Unknown / Imgur

19. “I think my pit hangs out with the cat too much…”

© Unknown / Reddit

20. “Meet Victor! He hasn’t left my side since I adopted him yesterday.”

© Unknown / Imgur

21. “This is Atlas. Most people don’t like him because he is a pitbull but all he wants is love and to dress up.”

© DandelionDino / Reddit

22. “The pittie committee”

© Unknown / Reddit


© kblaster4 / Reddit

24. Hi 5!

© RedHeadNerd / Imgur

25. Unconditional love

© QueenLorax / Reddit

Which one do you think is the cutest? What’s your thought on these dogs? Do you think they’re that dangerous? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I love pit bulls and these photos are just gorgeous, I l lost 2 pitties this year and can’t wait to get another very soon, wouldn’t have any other kind dog and Dangerous, to the wrong people YES and that’s what I want