Funny pictures of 18 animals during panoramas shoot

Animals failed their photo shooting

The panoramic shot is a technique of photography that captures images with a horizontally elongated field of view. The important thing is that you should not move, otherwise the picture will be transformed into funny images.

Some people make panoramic shots of their animals, and it comes out as a very funny subject.

Here below are some hilarious panorama fails pictures.

1. Funny dog with three heads


Do not worry. Actually, there is nothing wrong with this dog. When his owner took a picture of him, he just moved his head left and right.
Alexandra Robins, a pet photographer, in UK, told that wildlife photography has always been her passion. But, her love for dogs grew up during her final university project. Dogs are so sweet and have a lot of energy and good vibes, so you can take a lot of great pictures of them.

2. Oh, I thought it was a kangaroo


Jenna Regan, a photographer from Texas, said that working with animals, especially dogs, requires a lot of patience, a knowledge of dogs’ behavior and body language. Even the pet owner needs to be very patient and has to understand the work of photographs.

3. Animals Limousine


4. Say Cheese to the camera

Shelby Bender Gareau

5. This dog is saying Hi


Alexandra Robin says that it is very important to study, doing research to know and manage the dogs or animals. She shares some tricks on how to take perfect pictures, like getting down on the same level with the dogs, taking yummy treats, it is essential to shoot under light shade and not in the darkness, do not rush your pet, just relax and take your time.

6. Dog with a giraffe neck


7. Mini dog with two legs

Sadie Swicker

8. Is it a horse or a unicycle


9. I think they are afraid

Niko Elizabeth

10. Little monster is looking at you


11. What are you looking at?


Regan, the photographer, explained that by using her dog for the photo shooting, she has learned a lot from their behavior. Her dog, named Rowdy is a high-energy dog that likes the quiet environment. She also uses a lot of toys and treatments for the tog to take his attention.
Just be patient and have a lot of fun with them.

12. Dragons are real

Harben Orcullo

13. Living his best life

Sami Rae Neuman

14. Buy one dog and get one free


15. A cow in a panoramic picture


16. My mirror reflection and i


17. Quarantine found me like this


18. Two-headed dog


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