Gaboon Viper: A Stealthy and Lethal Predator

Discover the Gaboon Viper, one of the world’s most venomous snakes, known for its lethal bite and incredible camouflage abilities.

Last year, a North Carolina man miraculously survived a Gaboon viper bite, needing 44 doses of anti-venom—the highest recorded for such a case. Despite losing two fingers, he recovered without further complications.

Remarkable Features of the Gaboon Viper

Gaboon Viper
Smithsonian National Zoo

Gaboon vipers, despite their deadly venom, are generally docile. They boast the longest fangs among venomous snakes, reaching up to 2 inches, and are the largest vipers in Africa, growing over 6 feet long and weighing more than 45 pounds. Their head can be nearly 6 inches wide.

Inhabiting African rainforests and wetlands, Gaboon vipers blend seamlessly with the forest floor thanks to their unique patterns. They ambush prey, such as small mammals and birds, by remaining motionless until the right moment to strike.

Smithsonian National Zoo

Human encounters are rare and usually accidental. If threatened, these vipers may hiss before striking. They are nocturnal hunters, most active at dusk, and can control their venom release during a bite.

Unlike most snakes that lay eggs, Gaboon vipers give birth to 50-60 live young at a time. They can live up to 20 years in the wild.

The Risks of Keeping Exotic Snakes as Pets

Gaboon Viper
Smithsonian National Zoo

Another case in Virginia highlighted the dangers of keeping exotic snakes. Emergency anti-venom was required from various sources to treat a bite from a pet Gaboon viper. Local zoos and aquariums maintain stocks of exotic anti-venoms for such emergencies.

Experts advise against handling venomous snakes and stress the importance of seeking immediate medical help in case of a bite. It’s crucial to avoid old myths about treating snake bites and focus on getting professional care.

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