Never Touch Rubber Band on Your Door Handle

Beware of rubber bands on your door handle – it could be a trick by intruders to gain access to your home. Learn more about this tactic.

If you ever spot a rubber band wrapped around your door handle, it’s crucial not to touch it. This seemingly harmless item could be part of a criminal tactic aimed at gaining easy access to your home.

FB/Kim Fleming Cernigliaro

When the rubber band is in place, it holds the latch open, making it easier for someone to push the door open once you start to turn the handle. This method was highlighted by a woman from Texas, who noticed a rubber band on her door handle after experiencing aggressive knocking from an unknown man.

FB/Kim Fleming Cernigliaro

She immediately contacted the police, suspecting foul play. The authorities confirmed that this was indeed a method used by burglars to facilitate entry into homes. TIt allows them to push the door open quickly before you have a chance to close it again.

Rubber Band
FB/Kim Fleming Cernigliaro

Always be vigilant and cautious when you notice unusual items on or around your home’s entry points. It’s better to be safe and report any suspicious activity to the local authorities.

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