The Cow Math Puzzle | Can You Solve It?

Solve The Cow Math puzzle! Challenge your brain with this fun and tricky math problem. Test your skills and see if you can crack it!

The Cow Math Puzzle has been trending on Twitter, captivating users with its charming cottage aesthetic. This brainteaser has sparked debates over the correct answer, intriguing many with its delightful presentation. So, let’s dive in and solve it together!

The puzzle:

The Cow Math Puzzle

Some people have answered like this:

However, the answer to the Cow Math puzzle is this:

You earned $400.

I bought a cow for $800.
I sold it for $1000.
—Earned $1000 – $800 = $200

I bought it again for $1100.
I sold it again for $1300.
—Earned $1300 – $1100 = $200

Your total earnings are $400.

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  1. If you get 1000$ from selling and then spend 1100$ (Doesnt matter how much you paid first as you buy it again ..)

    You lost 100$ here. You sell it for 1300 you won 200$ minus the hundred you had to take out from your pocket to buy it again. Only correct answer is 100$

    • You bought for $800 and sold for $1000= $200 profit. Bought it back for $1100 so you lost $100. $200-$100 = net profit $100. Sold it for $1300= Profit $200 + $100 from previous = $300 total profit.