10 Lies That Our Beloved Men Wont Never Admit

Some lies that our men find difficult to accept

Some times you an tell if someone is lying to you only by their gesture and facial expression. But there are some lies as studies suggest that are very popular in your realtionship with peoples.

In every relationship there are some lies from the soft ones that does not cause any harm to the bad ones that may destroy your relationship. Many of you womas out there knows when your partner may tell a lie just by looking at his behavor because staying that close to someone may get you to know him very much and to understand things that aren’t even said

But dont be foolish because not every man is that easy to understand if he is lying or not some of them have learned trick and ways to get past you. We at Viral Strange are going to list some of the most common lies men may say during a relationship with him.

Pretending That He Likes Only You In Manner Of Physical Attractiveness

Men are men and are driven by their need to attract every woman that he knows. He will never admit but you can see that even during when you are together he may slip a look to a coming by hot girl or even in some cases likes your sexy friend. In short he is gong to notice every hot girl around him and he doesn”t tell you a thing because of the risk of destroying the relationship.

He Is Very Aware And Desire To Know Anything From Your Past Relationships

Even if he wont admit it and ask you direct about it he is very jelous of you and your past experiences. In every man nature he cant accept that some one was in his place before him and sometimes it makes him feel angry and hard to accept it. But know that he constantly will pick you up with not direct questions to get deeper in your past.

He May Fear Losing You

If he loves you he will definitely have fear that you may leave him one day and he cant accept this.Men usually dont show emotions and even he may look as tough as the rock he may be soft inside and like every human he is afraid of losing you.

Sometimes He May Talk To His Ex

Out of curiosity men can do stupid things like talking to an ex but ofcorse he wont tell you that. But dont be afraid to much because sometimes happens only because he is curious about what is going on after the break up with his ex and when he finds that she had moved on with her life he would move to and close forever that chapter or sometimes just happens because men tend to do stupid things.

The Message Texts You Sended To Him And He Pretended They Never Came

Everyone knows that sometimes when you dont want to reply you just dont open thouse messages, and men tend to do this and they will never accept that the dident reply but just will find more excuses to tell you that his wi-fi wasent on or the messages diden’t came on time etc you know he is just lying.

May Hide What Their Mom Thinks Of You

As any woman moms are very protective about their children and find difficulties to accept that some other woman took her babys heart. And this overprotective reaction makes them sometimes to think and create things that you may not like or find it untrue but your man wont tell anything about this and will try to hide her thoughts to avoid any misunderstanding

His Friends May Not Like You And He Wont Tell

Sometimes you man friends may not really like you and this is ok because not everyone is meant to do so, but in this case his friends think of the time when he was free and had more time for them and know you came to his life he is taking some of his time with his friends to be with you and they find difficult to accept it.

He May Not Like To Spend Time With Your Family


He may like and love to spend time with you alone but in the cases when he must spend time with your family he will just pretend that he is having a great time and might do this again. Dont believe this ladys he is only putting his best happy face on.

Sometimes He May Want To Have More Space

He wont tell you this because he loves you and he dont you to panic and create undesire dramas that he may not love you anymore. The nature of man tell them to be free and do things that did before he was with you and he doent like when he has to let all his hobbies only for you sometimes he needs space to do what he likes.

He Will Not Accept If Everything Is Fine When It Isn’t

Even when you will ask him if something is wrong and should tell to you he will not and will insist that everything is fine and going well. They dont like to expres things that may hurt your soft woman nature and for that he will skip all this things that may disturb him but also may cause problems between you He will avoid questions at all cost and you will know he is lying because of his voice tone change and not making to much eye contact with you.Also he may start up acting weird like none of the times you ever see him.


Written by Igli Ismolli

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