10 Times When Celebs Showed More Than the Eye Needs to See

Oops, close your eyes! Wardrobe malfunction alert…

Being a celebrity doesn’t mean you can’t not not experience wardrobe malfunctions.

We brought to you some of the sweetest one. In the eyes of the whole world upon them, they tried to cover the exposed parts with their hands, but it didn’t work.

It’s not easy being sexy without showing some skin, is it? The celebrities we have chosen for today are amongst the hottest at the moment and are icons in the fashion industry.

Luckily, the internet exists so we can rewatch these epic photos anytime we want but the celebs won’t be as happy… Scroll down to see some of the most intense red carpet moments.

The supermodel of the Kardashian/Jenner clan has always something to show when it comes to the red carpet looks. She made quite an appearance at the Oscars 2019, by wearing a daring black dress exposed to both sides of the thigh.

Bella Hadid’s cat walk is one of the best in the fashion industry. But she had a hard time keeping up with it due to Alexandre Vauthier’s super exposed dress. She tried covering her private parts while continued walking in tension.

Like a super excited person when buys something new, even Meghan Markle forgot to remove the price tag from her dress. The Duchess declined the royal family code to appear as flawless as possible in public.

The designer she paid for needs to giver her money back! A teared sleeve is not appropriate for such an actress as Chloe Grace Moretz. Grace is her middle name and she surely will keep it that way after this incident.

Talking about the epic moment of Ariel Winter at the Emmys in 2017. The actress dared more that she could handle in her teared to sides dress. Feeling uncomfortable walking, she tried to cover her private parts with hands.

Jade Thirlwall gorgeous curves took a lot of attention during the BRIT Awards in 2017. Her pink satin dress showed more than just the uncovered thigh.

Lindsay Vonn turned heads in her blue dress in an event in 2016. The wind betrayed her and showed a little more skin than she predicted.


Careful when you wear puffy dresses or skirts because the wind will do its job. Elisabeth Olsen was cautious to put it down when she felt danger.

The “High School Musical” star Vanessa Hudgens stole all the attention when her colleague Austin Butler stepped on her pants. Luckily, she was wearing panties unlike some of the celebs.

Written by Telha

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  1. They are measured and Sewn into the dress. They get to see the dress before hand and they get to see how it looks on them so that if they need nipple pads to hide them or anything else the stylist will bring it

  2. They aren’t morally grounded.we know them to be stars ,so there is no worse way showing or telling us . there’s difference in forgetfulness like Meghan who was in a haste than others .

  3. Most of these “accidents” were either planned to happen that way or they intentionally didn’t take corrective measures–so as to reinforce their image of being approachable/relatable..IMHO!