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17 Relatable Real-Life Comics That Show What Love Is

Once you are in a relationship, you start sharing a part of yourself with that person. You become transparent with one another. You tend to be there for each other even when it is no longer convenient for both of you. One of the best parts of loving someone is sharing the fun when you poke fun with one another.

Luong Thuy, a Vietnamese artist, draws comic strips that depict the day-to-day interaction of a couple. They show funny and easy to relate comic strips for everyone.

Here at Viral Strange, we value the genuine interaction we share with our loved ones. We make sure to remind you that the best part of loving someone is finding fun in the relationship.

1. You still love her  even when she is mad.

comics of a woman being angry with her man
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

Loving someone means staying even when she is mad. Arguing in a relationship is normal. It may root from petty things to bigger ones. It is quite funny because when she is mad even if it is not your fault, you are still there to woo her. It doesn’t matter whether it is your fault or not what is important is you both fix the issue. When you truly love someone, you do your best to keep her. You want to make sure that you will not regret any decisions. You make efforts to keep her because she makes you happy and you value her.

2. You become possessive when you see a woman hotter than you.

comics of a woman holding her man's arm because he saw a hot woman
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

He chose you for the reason that you are the one for him. Although you can’t help, be paranoid when you see a sexier and hotter woman than you. But you should feel secure about yourself because you are the one for him. He will not go for another one just because she is sexier. He is not after a sexy body, after all. You should be confident with who you are because that is what he loves about you. You do not have to change who you are. Be secure with yourself because you will always be the one for him.

3. You are the lock screen of his even if you look ugly.

comics of a woman doing skincare on a lock screen
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

He loves to take random pictures of you all the time because he finds it cute. He puts the ugly ones as his lock screen to piss you off and make fun of you. He loves to see you starting to be mad. But you should not feel bad about it because he loves you no matter what. He loves you when you are yourself with no pretensions. He loves you more when you show your funny self. You do not have to worry about your imperfections because he fully embraces them. You are one of a kind for him because you are you.

4. Your breakdowns when he is not around.

comics of a woman crying
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

It is not dramatic, but there are times that you can’t help but cry when you miss him. There are days that you long for his presence than the other days. You are getting sad and having anxiety because you are not doing the same routines anymore. But you remain strong despite the struggles and distance because you love. You are willing to wait for the day that you will see each other again. You are extending your patience because you want the relationship to work. Loving someone entails sacrifices and you must be mature enough to have the willingness to do such things.

5. You don’t tell him the truth that you are mad even if you are.

comics of a couple arguing on a sofa
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

Sometimes because of pride, you do not tell him how you really feel. You have to remember that he is not a mind reader. You have to be transparent with your feelings because he does not understand you sometimes. It would be best to be upfront so you can fix the misunderstanding right away. When you are in an argument, it would be best to stay away from one another to avoid making it worse. Allow things to cool off first. You have to talk to another when you are ready to settle the issue. Be the bigger person so you can hear each other’s side fairly.

6. Be a man and tell them that you already have a girlfriend.

a comics of a man saying that he already has a girlfriend to two girls
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

A brave man is someone who knows how to avoid temptations. He knows that he is into a relationship so he will be true to his words. He will not engage in anything that will break her trust whether it is not unintentional. He does not want to break the trust she gave you. He will make sure that he is different from the guys you dated in the past. He will not exchange the genuine love that you have for temporary pleasure and fun. He does not want anything, but you. No one can change his mind because he saw all the good things that she is looking for a woman.

7. The random video calls when you miss each other.

comics of couple doing videocall
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. But when you truly love someone, it will never matter. You hold on to the promises, but you make efforts to make efforts too. In this digital age, video calls and texting make you cope up with the situation. Most of the time, you have to deal with the time difference as well. You both sacrifice sleep for you to spend time together. Loving is never easy because you have to take risks. But whatever you do makes it worth it because you are doing it to the right person.

8. The amount of time you spend together in bed is crazy.

comics of a couple hugging in bed
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

Most of the time, you want to be together in bed. You want to hug and cuddle harder. You want to waste time by feeling each other’s body warmth. It is not of the best bondings when you talk about your plans together. It feels great to address issues and apologize when needed.

9. The memorable first date.

comics of couple going on their first date
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

Your first date will always be one for the books. You will always remember the feeling of mixed emotions. You can’t wait to see each other and spend time together. You want to go on a date to test if you are compatible. You want to share a meaningful conversation and see if there will be a chance for another date. You do not have to impress her with all the material things. You have to be yourself and show that you are interested in her. You do not have to force anything. A real connection happens genuinely, and it will reflect on how your conversation goes without noticing the time.

10. Shaving body hair together feels like a brotherhood.

comics of a couple shaving body hairs together
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

When he shaves his facial hairs, and your body hairs feel like a bonding moment for both of you. But the truth is, he does not care when you have body hairs. He cares more about what you have inside your heart. It is more of your character than the superficial. He accepts everything about you, even the ones you deem not necessary. He appreciates everything about you despite your imperfection. You do not have to worry because he sees you more than your body.

11. When she keeps on asking if you truly love her.

comics of a woman asking her man if he loves her
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

Do not feel bad if she keeps asking if you really love her. Because she only wants to hear it coming straight from you. She is not paranoid, but she wants reasons why you chose her. But the truth is, when you choose someone, you can’t really point out a specific reason. Love works mysteriously. You can love someone without having all the reasons in the world.

12. He feeds you food and will make fun of your cheeks.

a comics of a couple being playful while eating
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

One of the best ways to spend quality time together is by eating your favorite foods. Eating the best foods with the best person in your life is priceless. It makes the food even more tasteful. It makes the experience even more memorable with your favorite restaurants. In return, you both are gaining weight together as well. Your cheeks are getting fluffier in return. As they say, you will gain weight when you are with the right person because you will be pampered and spoiled.

13. When you hate him and you love him at the same time.

a comics of a woman thinking of her man
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

When you have an ongoing argument, and you want him out of your life for good because he hurt your feelings. You block him on social media. You block his number. You cut off the communication with him as soon as possible. You think that you are over him as soon as possible, but it did not happen. The truth is, you miss him every single day. You miss his voice. You miss his scent too. You want to make the first move to fix things, but you are still mad. It makes you realize that not having him in your life is sad. You then appreciate all the things he made in the past for you. You might hate him for now, but you still love him. Love does not stop because of an argument.

14. The feeling of having someone who listens to you is priceless.

comics of a woman talking with someone on the phone
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

Every time your depression and anxiety attack you, it is easy to deal with it when you have someone who listens to you without judgement.
When you hear his voice, and it gives you a calm feeling. It makes you feel that you are not alone with your battles. The midnight calls he makes for you to make sure that you already feel okay. He wants to make sure that you do not feel bothered anymore with what you are going through. He makes you feel that everything will be okay in the long run so long as you are there for each other.

15. When he is also your photographer.

comics of a woman asking his man to take a photo of her
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

You are blessed to have a man who takes good pictures of you. He knows your best angles. He knows the best filter for your photos too. He flaunts you on social media as well. He is not shy to show you off that you are his girlfriend to the world. He is proud of your achievements. He is proud of how you conquered all the challenges you have. He is proud of who you become as a woman today.

16. Having a good night sleep together is priceless.

comics of a couple having a good night sleep
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

You can sleep soundly at night when you know that you are with the right person. You can sleep well when you know that he treats you right. When he spoils you with the right love and affection, you bloom and grow effortlessly. When you are with the right man, you have peace of mind. You do not have doubts anymore, unlike in past relationships. You mature when you are with the right person. You learn more things, and you discover some amazing things about yourself. You become more understanding and caring when love is not one-sided. You both conquer each other’s demons together.

17. When this pandemic makes you miss him even more.

comics about a woman sleeping with her man's clothes
© Luong Thuy ‏/ Instagram

This pandemic makes it difficult for you to see him. You do not want to see each other to protect yourselves. You miss the feeling of sleeping with his arms wrap around you. You miss the feeling of sniffing your perfume. You miss everything about the amount of time you spend together. Hoping that everything will go back to normal soon so you can create more memories together.

The best couple can make fun of each other because they are mature enough to deal with their drama. It is a love-hate relationship, as they say because they don’t have a perfect relationship. There are days that things are easy. There also rough days that will test their love and patience. The more you go deeper with it, the more realization that love is a choice you make. You choose to stay despite everything because the person matters to you.

Written by Awat Dhahir

Founder and CEO at VIRAL Strange / Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. Stay humble. Be kind. Work hard. The secret ingredient is always cheese.

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  1. Omg!! These were sooo sickeningly immature love. That clingy crap I don’t have time for. These are all about insecurities of a childish person. I sure don’t get possessive if somebody hotter than me comes along. Grow up!!! You’re committed or you’re not. I guess I’m too old (50 yrs old) to be playing these head games of supposed young love. My daughter is 22 and don’t even do this crap. No wonder men end up leaving these types of women and going for someone who has their head together and is secure in themselves. I’m not going to hang onto desperation or immaturity. Loving yourself first and knowing what you want from a relationship helps you not “settle”, because you need your ego spoonfed. Quit perpetuating for girls to never mature and accept these mental cases as normal behavior, because it’s not healthy!!

    • Amira, you come off sounding bitter. If that’s not the case, I hope you find happiness wherever it presents itself. Love just is and it takes all kinds. Sending regards and prayers for more joy for us all.

    • I completely agree with you. This is not healthy love! Who wrote this shit anyways? A 12 year old!? Don’t want to let him go to work cuz you wanna cuddle!! Cuddling doesn’t pay the damn bills. Insecurity!?? Really!?? ….. That’s not healthy at all and leads to much deeper issues. ‘When you love somebody you don’t need a reason!’??? Bull shit! Then it’s not love! That’s called lust! Reasons to love someone. …1. Because of the way they love you. 2. Because their values, morals and beliefs are very similar to yours. 3. Because kids seem to genuinely like this person and they like kids too. Playing and having fun with them and not caring if anyone notices. 4. Animals are magnetized to this person. 5. The way they respect their parents. 6. When they walk into a room of a 100 beautiful woman and they only have eyes for you. Or vice versa. I could go on and on. These things you may think are sweet and cute, but trust me when you get exactly this you will feel controlled and suffocated and will want to be anywhere else except near her/him.

    • I don’t think you understood the denouement of this particular love story. I think this is a story of mourning. Her paramore has died because of this pandemic, and her love & grief causes her to think on the past happenings of her partnership. She thinks of the good & bad, because when he’s there, even the bad is good. It’ll sound cheesy to the bitter and stone-hearted, but I kind of liked it.

      Of course, I could be way off. I •am•, after all, a moron.

    • I had a loving relationship like that at 40. No I am not immature but hope you find someone like that. It nearly killed me when he was gone. I have married since but will never forget that love of my life. I love my husband now but not the same. We both had the love of our lives and lost them. We also know that our love will not be the same as the old. I hope you find that kind of love that only happens once in a lifetime.

    • I strongly disagree with Amira’s is caring for and really appreciating a person. It is clear to me that “karen” aka Amira, clearly was neither loved nor appreciated. She should consider stepping down off that high horse of hers. To love,and to cherish. Go fuss at a land scaper Karen,wedding vows!

    • I think that the illustrator is attempting to demonstrate security and solidarity despite her state of vulnerability. In this relationship, she is allowed to be vulnerable, she doesn’t have to be strong and unaffected all the time. We can’t all be perfect, there are too many other factors at play, mental health, physical illness, bullying, past experiences etc. these illustrations demonstrate that real love will not judge you but support and uplift you despite your flaws, which I’m sure is, real love, isn’t it? Accepting all of someone, flaws and all…

  2. I agree and can’t wait for my true love to contact me. He won’t be sorry. I know he will, soon in God’s timing. There will be rejoicing and such happiness when we finally meet