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19 Things That Happened When Least Expected

19 situations that happened to people out of the blue

We see miracles every day, even if sometimes we are not aware of them. Being able to see the small things, or even better, to be part of those least expected happy accidents, is something we should appreciate more. On the other hand, when we are fully aware of the moment, we bare witness to these things happening just out of the blue, which make out days even better in one way or another.

Viral Strange will show 19 situations that happened to people when they least expected them.

1. “My friend is always told he looks like Robert Pattinson. He recently decided to embrace it.”

© Twilight / Lionsgate, © oshoney / Reddit

2. “My oldest brother and I have such similar-looking faces that even with them swapped, we still look the same.”

© hotcheetos96 / Reddit

3. “I happened to catch this photo of a snowflake on my daughter’s eyelash last winter; it wasn’t there for long!”

© wheelman4 / Reddit

4. “What it looks like when you light a dandelion on fire”

© IGoByDavid / Reddit

5. “My friend’s dog used to suck on the pacifier that she would drop. Happened to catch them together this one time.”

© North_Shore_Problem / Reddit

6. “My short mom sends our family photos of her with really tall people.”

© gusmom / Reddit

7. “I took a picture of a lizard on a window, it looks like a massive killer lizard on the garage.”

© darenw / Reddit

8. “This tree that looks like a dragon coming out of the ground”

© nelad1234 / Reddit

9. “My brother lives in Durango, CO. This happened today. He called it ’The Small Council.’”

© MegaMeta / Imgur

10. “Third day at a new job and this just happened.”

© autoexploder / Reddit

11. “Thinking they couldn’t get out, we tried to help them get out, but they jumped back in.”

© antimoo / Reddit

12. “My friend took this picture in her backyard.”

© Segabetty / Reddit

13. “I spit a watermelon seed in the flower pot a while back…”

© Scatterbrain404 / Reddit

14. “My dog made this face to show he’s done with our trip.”

© devoe / Reddit

15. “An accidental rainbow kitty”

© Raspberrywaffles / Imgur

16. “She lost her favorite blanket on vacation and then this happened.”

© HarickBond9 / Reddit

17. “My cats accidentally confessed they’re in love.”

© SlimSkeeter / Imgur

18. “I’m the one on the left, the guy on the right was someone I randomly bumped into in a Burger King sitting behind me.”

© UndadZombie25 / Reddit

19. “My brother proposed to his girlfriend yesterday. This serendipitous photo of the engagement ring happened!”

© kitten-little / Reddit

Has something similar happened to you? Tell us your story in the comments!

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