20 People Born With Special Traits

People who were born with special gifts in one way or another

The greatest gift is being alive. Yes. However, there are people who have gotten something more from mother nature. Whether it is a rare beauty, unique eyes, or other special gifts that not all people can have.

Viral Strange has collected 20 photos of people who were born with special traits.

1. “I was born with no little knuckles.”

© Natchthund/ Reddit

2. “I was born with one normal thumb and one toe thumb.”

© anwrootbeer17/ Reddit

3. “My mallen streak”

© redditsubs/ Reddit

4. “6 months of letting the white streak grow out, embrace your patches”

© araballamarialla/ Reddit

5. “Different hair types, same head!”

© killedthespy/ Reddit

6. “This 13-year-old’s hand compared to an A4 piece of paper”

© Gretechman/ Reddit

7. “I love my angel kisses!”

© Rarity_bee/ Reddit

8. “The eye of an albino up close (yes, it’s mine)!”

© Sorranne/ Reddit

9. “I get a super long hair on my arm, like, once a year. This one is exactly 2.5 inches.”

© killmarkdead/ Reddit

10. “Meet Harrison, my weird eyebrow hair that grows abnormally long.”

© GhettGame/ Reddit

11. “I have a skin condition that causes my skin to raise from the smallest scratch. I like to draw flowers on myself!”

© Last_Thursday/ Reddit

12. “My size 23 foot compared to my dad’s size 9”

© CodyBigFoot/ Reddit

13. “My tattooed, overlapping pinky toe”

© Binder46/ Reddit

14. “I was born without a bridge in my nose.”

© fedorahitler/ Reddit

15. “I too, have weird fingers.”

© svenlandicx/ Reddit

16. “My wife discovered that she and my sister have connected toes. They celebrated it with new tattoos.”

© IanthegeekV2/ Reddit

17. “My son was born with natural elf ears.”

© animaorion/ Reddit

18. “Congrats on winning the gene lottery!”

© cowskin–/ Reddit

19. “My absolute unit of a baby brother! For reference, my sister holding him was 4.”

© Skip2MyLouDarlin/ Reddit

20. “I liked my eyes in this one!”

© daydreamsbynight/ Reddit

Which one is the most special to you? Do you know anyone that has a special gift? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. What about the trait Sensory Processing Sensitivity (aka Highly Sensitive Person)? Estimates are that it shows up in about 20-30% of the population. It’s not a physically observable trait…people who have this trait are often told they are too sensitive, to toughen up, not to take things so personally, etc. However, because of how HSPs are wired they have no choice. Their nervous system is wired to pick up sensory stimuli that others often miss. The initial north American researcher who named this trait is Dr. Elaine Aron.