28 Big Things You See Rarely

A collection of 28 pictures showing big things, such as veggies or animals

Have you ever seen a huge banana? No? Viral Strange has collected 28 pictures of big things we rarely see in our daily life. Let’s have a look:

1. You’ve eaten too much!

2. I couldn’t even wake him

3. Hungry games

4. Can’t tell what they are TBH

5. Huge hamster

6. Hi there little chubby buddy

7. Enjoying this

8. Am I fat, mama?


9. Nice hairstyle

10. Oh. Leave me alone

11. Pet me, now!

12. I didn’t eat it, mom.

13. They look yummy

14. Heaven

15. Which one, ladies? LOL

16. Uhh, I need a snack

17. Big buddy

18. Are you from this world?

19. I drank a lot of water. Now I’m bloating.

20. I swear I didn’t touch your flowers!

21. I’m just gonna sit here for a while

22. Mother nature doing

23. Food for a month!

24. Don’t worry, buddy. You got me.

25. I’m big enough to do this!

26. He’s cute!

27. Don’t look at me like that…

28. Grumpy chubby cat

Which one is the most surprising? Let us know in the comments!

Written by DADADEL

Adelaida, the founder of Dadadel Creative, boasts a multifaceted background, blending expertise in software engineering, copywriting, and digital marketing. Prior to establishing her agency, she honed her skills as the former Head of the News Department at a regional media outlet, and also amassing 18 years of experience as a host. She has a penchant for sarcasm, a passion for lifestyle topics, and an undeniable love for cats.

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