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5 Clothes You Should Avoid For Better Health

Clothing items to be avoided from a health perspective

Looks always good when being fashionable and trendy! However, some health issues might come along with your new garderobe.

From a health perspective, there are some clothing items you should consider twice while shopping.

Viral Strange will share 5 clothing items that you should avoid for better health.

1. Tight clothing

© monicabellucciofficiel/ Instagram, © monicabellucciofficiel/ Instagram

Tight clothes are cute and all. But have you ever thought about the health effect these body-fitting fits have?

Tight clothes can cause discomfort and numbness in the sides of the thighs. This condition is called meralgia paresthetica.

2. Skinny jeans

Even though skinny jeans look like are out of trend, they are still a choice for the majority of people.

Skinny jeans might be harmful to ladies. How?

A study published in 2019, showed that women who wear tight skinny jeans more than 4 times a week, might suffer from a chronic external genital pain, called vulvodynia.

3. Yellow clothes

Yellow is cute and a cheerful color. However, it might be harmful to your body. Why?

The yellow dye, if not 100% bio, may contain PCB11 (a form of polychlorinated biphenyl), which is a harmful chemical that causes skin irritation, acne, and many types of cancer.

4. Wrinkle-free clothes

Wrinkle-free! Fresh out of the dryer and no struggles ironing it. A good solution, right?

However, these types of clothes may contain high levels of formaldehyde, say The Government Accountability Office, which is a chemical that makes them wrinkle-resistant.

This chemical might not irritate all people but it might affect people allergic to it, resulting in the appearance of dermatitis.

5. Wearing shoes without socks

We can understand the winter season but in the summertime? We need our feet socks-free! Right? Not always.

It is better to wear socks with your shoes. Socks play the role of a barrier between your feet and the shoe, preventing sweat and bacterial skin inflammation, which is caused by a condition called the athlete’s foot.

Did you know any of these? What else would you add? Tell us in the comments.

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