9 Reasons Why You Should Sleep 8 Hours A Day

Study shows that 8 hours of sleep per day are a necessity for our health

A healthy lifestyle means keeping up with an overall healthy routine, such as eating healthy, exercising, living a stress-free life, etc. A healthy routine also includes a good sleeping schedule.

Sleeping for 8 hours a day, every day is a necessity for our health, shows a study. If you lack sleep it will affect your mind, emotions, and body. So, why is sleeping so important, and how does it affect our health?

Viral Strange has compiled 9 reasons why you should sleep 8 hours a day regularly for better health.

1. You will be more focused.

Sleeping 8 hours a day will help you have better concentration and focus. You will think more clearly and do your best.

2. You will control your food cravings.

While sleeping, our body produces leptin, a hormone that informs our body that we don’t need more food. If you lack sleep, this hormone will get out of balance. Your food cravings will be part of your day.

3. You will be a fast learner.

Did you know that you can learn faster if you get enough sleep? Yes. Scientists have proven that we process new information while we are asleep. After proper rest, your mind will be able to get all the information you need in your daily life, and this includes studying, as well.

4. Less stress, better health

8 hours of sleep every day reduce the level of stress. A night of good sleep also prevents people from high blood pressure, and it helps in heart-related issues.

5. Preventing type 2 diabetes

8 hours of sleep per day play the role of a regulator of blood sugar. Scientists say that enough sleep helps prevent type 2 diabetes.

6. It helps you while being sick

That need of taking a nap while being sick… Here is why: Study shows that our body enters recovery mode by sleeping. That’s how our immune system fights off bacteria.

7. Glowing skin

Our skin is always showing our health. If we are stressed, here comes a breakout. If we are dehydrated, say hello to the dry skin and grumpy face. While being exposed to dust, sun, and all other environmental impurities, our skin repairs itself while we have a full 8 hours of good sleep.

8. Safer driver and a better human


When lacking sleep, everything else seems like walking through hell. We feel tired and sleepy, and everything is on our nerves. How often were you ready to jump to another driver while going to work? Right? Study shows it happens because of a lack of proper sleep.

9. You will have a better balance

8 hours of sleep will help your mind and body synchronize. Your balance will get better, and coordination will prevent you from any injuries in the way.

How is your sleeping schedule? How many hours a day do you sleep? Tell us more in the comments.

Written by Shko Faraj Agha

Adventures Pharmacist, Tech Influencer, Entrepreneur

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