9 Unpopular Opinions On Social Media

Nine hilarious comments from people that give their unpopular opinions

Who doesn’t love funny comments on social media? WE LIVE FOR THAT! At least, that makes this virtual world a little better, don’t you think? Viral Strange brings 9 unpopular opinions on social media that will make your day.

1. Same goes here…

© ReLogan / pikabu

2. What palace do you live in?

© Ruspers / pikabu

3. LOL

© Rabitttt / reddit

4. Nakie-nakie

© DrevnyayaBaba / pikabu

5. Yes. Heroes not all capes wear.

© DirtySocks / pikabu

6. I feel like a troll, too, lady…

© Skarlett1234 / pikabu

7. Well, do they smell bad?

© kot.begemot / pikabu

8. Oh, damn…

© SibirskyOtmoroz / twitter

9. I wasn’t expecting that…

© krasnayaopasnaya / pikabu

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Written by Dadadel

Adelaida Dajko, also known as Dadadel, is a web copywriter. Dadadel has 16 years of experience in media communication. She's also enrolled in digital marketing and creative design.

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