Amber Heard’s Alleged Act Towards Daughter

Controversial allegations surface regarding Amber Heard’s actions involving her daughter. Discover the details.

Amber Heard’s “disappearance” seems intentional. According to reports, the star has been using a pseudonym to evade attention.

Amber Heard’s pseudonym was disclosed when she utilized it to secure a rental villa.

After enduring a tumultuous period due to the recent legal proceedings stemming from her past marriage to Johnny Depp, she has finally found solace and tranquility.

After their two-year marriage, the couple has been engaged in numerous court battles over the divorce and an op-ed written by Amber Heard claiming domestic violence.

Following the highly publicized trial that consumed everyone’s attention, it seems that Amber Heard is now prioritizing her interests.

Amber Heard was spotted spending quality time with her daughter at a rented villa in Mallorca, Spain. The luxurious mansion, previously listed for 2.8 million Euros, was taken off the market after her relocation.

According to El Mundo, she allegedly utilized an alternate name when renting the property, possibly to avoid attracting undue notice.

Despite being recognized by locals, she has reportedly effortlessly integrated into the community. “Everyone here treats her like one of the others; in fact, she’s been in this town for months without anyone knowing,” said a resident for El Mundo.

In the aftermath of a highly publicized trial, Amber Heard seeks anonymity and reportedly utilizes the pseudonym Martha Jane Cannary to rent her current villa.

Amber Heard's nickname

Calamity Jane, the renowned frontierswoman of the Wild West, embarked on a thrilling journey filled with daring exploits. Eventually joining Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, she captivated audiences nationwide with her performances. Amidst criticism and doubt, Cannary forged her path, navigating life on her terms. Opinions remain divided on her character, with debates on whether she was a saint or a criminal.

Fans’ concerns lie not with Amber Heard’s choice of name but rather with the name she has given her daughter – Oonagh.

According to Just In, Johnny Depp named his two children, Jack and Lily-Rose, after characters in the 1985 film Legend.

Interestingly, Heard’s daughter’s name is also inspired by the movie, albeit with a slight spelling variation. The enchanting character Oona develops a romantic connection with Jack.

Fans are accusing her of exploiting her daughter as a means of retaliating against Depp.

One wrote: “She wants Johnny to leave HER alone – is she serious? My God she is delusional and needs help. Heaven help her poor innocent baby, what hope has that child got with Amber as an example?”

Another one said: “She is obsessed with him and needs to listen to herself in what she is saying. She wants Johnny to leave her alone. Well then back off and stop stocking him and stop trying to take everything from him. He’s moving on with his life let him alone.”

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