Australia/ Employees will ignore BOSSes after-hours calls

Australia is implementing laws that allow workers to disregard unreasonable calls and messages from their bosses outside of work hours without facing penalties. Employers who violate this rule may face fines.

The Australian federal government is introducing a comprehensive set of changes to industrial relations laws, including the introduction of a “right to disconnect,” aimed at protecting workers’ rights and fostering a healthier work-life balance.


This provision, which prevents employees from being subjected to unreasonable contact from their employers outside of regular work hours, mirrors similar legislation already in place in countries like France, Spain, and other European Union members.


Employment Minister Tony Burke, representing the ruling centre-left Labor party, announced that a majority of senators have voiced their support for this legislation. According to Burke, the right to disconnect will effectively prohibit unpaid overtime by granting employees the ability to disconnect from work-related communication during their non-work hours.


The bill containing these proposed changes is expected to be formally introduced in parliament later this week.

Written by Telha

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