Autumn Season: Changes That Can Happen To Your Body

Autumn season brings many changes in out bodies. We have compiled a list and some tips.

Autumn season is the best one for me. Not only is the spooky Halloween season (LOL), but it also gives you the feeling of a fresh start! You can breathe it all in… Do you know what I mean?

However, with its arrival, this season brings many changes in temperature, the day length, and our bodies. Even though the body changes vary from person to person, the autumn effect is evident.

Viral Strange has listed several body changes happening during autumn and some tips for you to take care of yourself.

1. Your hair might fall out

It is well-known that, in autumn, our hair starts falling more than in other seasons. In summer, we need more hair to protect our scalp from UV lights. In autumn, on the other hand, that extra hair starts shedding, called the “evolutionary leftover.”

Tip: Keep your hair hydrated during autumn. Do scalp massages and avoid hot water.

2. Skin becomes drier

Skin dryness is the most common sign of autumn arrival in our bodies. The temperature changes shock our system and disbalances our skin, making it drier.

Tip: Drink a lot of water and consume foods that have watery contents, too. Moisturize often and keep your skin hydrated.

3. Sleeping longer

Days are shorter in autumn. The sleep-wake cycle is affected by the low amount of daylight. That is why you might feel tired and prone to sleep more.

Tip: Enjoy your day in the sun as much as you can. Try fun activities. That is all. You can do nothing else about it. Haha.

4. Craving carbs and fats

Our body increases insulin resistance during autumn and starts storing fat to prepare us for colder temperatures. That is why we crave foods full of carbs and fats.

Tip: Control your daily food intake, so, you do not get health complications in the future.

5. Autumn anxiety is real

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is factual. The anxiety might come to the surface more than in other seasons. Experts say that feelings like stress and regret might be more present during autumn.

Tip: Vitamin D as a supplement or direct from the sun will cheer you up. Enjoy your days partaking in fun activities.

6. Sun exposure in this season can be dangerous

Research shows that sun exposure during autumn can be dangerous to your eyes. UV radiation is higher and may cause photokeratitis, an eye condition.

Tip: Wear sunglasses when you go out. You may also wear a hat.

7. You might catch the flu easier

The change in temperatures makes it easier to catch the flu. That is why people get sicker in this season, say medical professionals.

Tip: Your hygiene game should be up and go for healthy habits in your daily life. You might also get shots to boost your immune system.

Are you aware of these body changes during autumn/fall? Tell us more about how you deal with it.

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