Baby Decapitated During Birth! Ruled a Homicide at Georgia hospital

The death of newborn Treveon Taylor, who was decapitated during a complicated birth at an Atlanta-area hospital on July 9, has been officially ruled a homicide by the Clayton County Medical Examiner’s office.

Jessica Ross, aged 20, encountered complications during labor at Southern Regional Medical Center in Riverdale, leading to a lawsuit filed by her and the baby’s father in August.

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The lawsuit alleges that during birth, the baby experienced shoulder dystocia, preventing descent through the pelvic area. Allegedly, a delayed cesarean section performed by Dr. Tracey St. Julian caused excessive tension, resulting in the baby’s head detaching from the body.

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Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that Dr. St. Julian did not inform the parents of the decapitation and denied them the opportunity to hold the baby after his passing. Hospital staff reportedly presented the parents with the baby wrapped tightly in a blanket, with the head propped on top.

Additionally, the lawsuit accuses the hospital staff of discouraging an autopsy and pressuring the parents to cremate the baby’s remains.


The parents claim they were unaware of the decapitation until contacted by the funeral home, raising concerns about the handling of the baby’s remains. The Clayton County Medical Examiner’s Office will defer to the district attorney to determine if formal charges related to the homicide investigation will be pursued.

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