Baby Hulk: The Girl Who Survived

Follow the inspiring journey of baby Hulk, the resilient girl who defied all odds to survive. A tale of strength and resilience.

Baby Hulk, affectionately named due to her rare condition causing remarkable chest and arm growth, defied initial doctor predictions. This incredible baby girl emerged as a true superhero, and her enchanting story unfolds here.

Armani’s resemblance to a petite bodybuilder led to her endearing nickname.

Baby Hulk
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Nine-month-old Armani exhibits a rare condition, lymphangioma, giving her the appearance of a miniature bodybuilder. Lymphangioma involves the growth of non-cancerous growths in the body’s lymphatic vessels, responsible for fluid transport.

As a result of this condition, her upper torso and arms have shown considerable hypertrophy, creating a noticeable imbalance with the rest of her body. Chelsey, Armani’s 33-year-old mother, affectionately nicknamed her “mini Hulk” from birth due to her striking resemblance to a pint-sized bodybuilder.

Her remarkable C-section arrival.

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Armani’s condition, which can result from genetic factors or hormone imbalances, was identified during her mother’s 17th week of pregnancy. At birth, Armani weighed 12 pounds, causing her mother’s pregnancy size to draw attention, often leading strangers to inquire if she was expecting triplets.

Although doctors initially delivered a bleak prognosis, stating that Armani had a ‘zero percent’ chance of survival, she defied the odds by crying shortly after her C-section delivery at 33 weeks, displaying remarkable resilience. Ms. Milby, who is also a mother to two other children, grappled with profound emotional turmoil upon learning of her baby’s condition, struggling to understand why her child was affected by it.

Baby Hulk
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Ms. Milby openly discussed her first response to the diagnosis, admitting that she had no prior knowledge of this medical condition. She candidly revealed her efforts to research it and voiced her discontent with the way its outcomes were depicted.

“When I found out, to be honest, I was devastated, I was heartbroken. I didn’t understand what happened, what went wrong, because I had two other healthy babies, and I cried every day. Every day, I asked God why,” said the mother.

The mother expresses gratitude for her “baby Hulk” and brims with optimism for the future.

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The mother appreciates her daughter’s good fortune in not having deformities and admires the resilience of other children facing challenges. Her daughter is generally content, rarely cries, and they are committed to her well-being.

Baby Hulk
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Ms. Melby noted Armani’s excess skin, which she expects to diminish with time, but there will be notable scarring from surgeries. Armani recently rolled over and is trying to say “momma,” making remarkable progress. Ms. Melby sees her as a genuine miracle in their lives, emphasizing their profound love.

Ms. Milby’s tough pregnancy and delivery.

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The mother explained her pregnancy, noting her body’s urgent need to deliver the baby. She was close to 200 pounds and facing deteriorating health, daily suffering, sleep difficulties, and severe illness.

Ms. Milby chose to deliver at 33 weeks as her body was shutting down. Each day brought more challenges, affecting basic tasks and breathing due to extreme discomfort. She required constant stomach fluid drainage.

Baby Hulk
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The mother shared the touching story of Armani’s birth, saying, “To everyone’s surprise, she came out crying, and everybody in the room was emotional. No one knew what was going to happen. It’s a very magical story.”

Armani’s father, Blake, couldn’t be in the delivery room, so he paced the hallway, anxiously waiting during the epidural administration. He said: “I remember sitting outside in the hallway. They took me back there for the delivery, and while they were administering an epidural, I was out there pacing the hall, just praying.”

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Childbirth was challenging for Ms. Milby, but the moment she saw her baby’s face, it made it all worth it. They had to administer something to keep her calm due to a panic attack. She was in great distress, crying, and feeling chaotic.

Yet, her baby exceeded expectations, leaving her in tears of astonishment and gratitude. The unique appearance of her baby was a profound surprise.

After birth, Armani and her family moved 100 miles to a Cincinnati hospital for her recovery. Ms. Milby faced postpartum depression but stayed strong for Armani and her other children, calling their journey a daily rollercoaster.

Armani’s condition may improve with upcoming surgeries.

Baby Hulk
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Armani is currently preparing for surgery to remove excess lymphatic vessels in her arms and chest, aiming for a more typical size. She will require further procedures to address any remaining surplus skin in the future.

© BLAKE & CHELSEY MILBY / Caters Clips / YouTube

During these surgeries, medical professionals will remove abnormal lymphatic tissue to improve fluid drainage and prevent fluid buildup. Sclerotherapy, involving the injection of specialized medication, may also be part of the treatment, inducing irritation and scarring in the lymphatic tissue to shrink and collapse.

As some excess fluid has already been drained from her arms, her mother affectionately calls her ‘squishy.’ Ms. Milby shared, “Now she’s squishy; I just call her my little squishy baby. She’s doing very well.”

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