Cardi B: I’m not a feminist anymore

Cardi B announced that she has renounced feminism.

Over the past 24 hours, Cardi B has found herself at the center of attention for multiple reasons. Not only did she drop her latest single “Enough (Miami),” but she also collaborated with SZA on the remix of Flo Milli’s track “Never Lose Me.”

Amidst these musical ventures, Cardi also sparked discussions with her candid remarks about feminism and relationships.


In a video shared by Wallo267 on March 14, Cardi delved into her perspective, highlighting the need for balance in relationships.

She emphasized that it’s unreasonable for one partner to expect financial support without making their own contributions. Cardi articulated her frustration, stating, “If you gonna be the type of b*tch that… you want a n**** to take care of you and everything… but it’s like, alright, you have to pick a balance.”



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She questioned the fairness of expecting support while not actively contributing to the household, such as through employment or other means.

Expressing a viewpoint that stirred controversy, Cardi asserted that if both partners earn similar incomes, they should share equal financial responsibilities. She elaborated on her stance, suggesting that some interpretations of feminism seem disconnected from the realities of everyday life. Cardi remarked, “sometimes it’s like, y’all b*tches ain’t living in the real world. Y’all not living there.”



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These candid remarks led her to renounce her identification with feminism, citing a disconnect between certain feminist ideals and the practicalities of real-world relationships.

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