Cat turns on cooker, sets owners house on fire

In a quirky turn of events, a mischievous feline named Jingoudiao inadvertently triggered chaos in its owner Dandan’s home in southwestern China’s Sichuan province.

The cat’s playful antics in the kitchen led to a disastrous outcome when it unknowingly activated the touch panel of the induction cooker, sparking a fire that swiftly engulfed the entire first floor of Dandan’s loft.

Despite the chaos, firefighters later found Jingoudiao unscathed, albeit concealed in a cabinet upstairs, his fur coated in ash as a testament to the fiery ordeal.

Image: Douyin

In the aftermath, Dandan, blending humor with responsibility, rebranded Jingoudiao’s Douyin account as “Sichuan’s most badass cat,” and featured him in live-streaming sessions as a form of “compensation.” She playfully quipped about her cat “working off his debt” and humorously dubbed him an “arsonist.”

However, recognizing the gravity of the situation, Dandan took to social media days later with a heartfelt apology, penned with her fingerprint alongside Jingoudiao’s paw print.

Image: Douyin

She candidly acknowledged her oversight in neglecting to power down the cooker and pledged to prioritize fire safety henceforth.

Dandan’s candid and amusing posts swiftly captivated the online community, garnering millions of views and sparking a flurry of comments from fellow pet owners.

Her subsequent apology further underscored the importance of diligence in safeguarding against such unforeseen mishaps, resonating with a wide audience and serving as a lighthearted yet poignant reminder of the significance of fire safety measures in households.

Written by Telha

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