Concerned Woman: Beware of Abandoned Prams on Roadsides!

A concerned woman alerts us why you should never approach abandoned prams on roadsides. Stay safe with these essential tips.

A concerned woman has issued an important warning to the public about the dangers of approaching an abandoned pram or any child-related equipment found on the roadside. While the instinct might be to investigate and ensure a child’s safety, doing so could put you at risk.

Concerned Woman

Nancy Walsh, an estate agent, shared her experience of encountering an abandoned stroller on a country road. She emphasized the potential danger, advising people to stay in their vehicles and contact local authorities instead of investigating themselves.

The concerned woman took photos that revealed the pram, which was positioned in a way that made it impossible to see if it was empty. The eerie scene prompted Nancy Walsh to take photos and post a warning on Facebook, urging others to avoid getting out of their cars in similar situations.

The concerned woman sparked a debate online.

Nancy Walsh/Facebook

While some people believed the pram might have been left intentionally as a trap, others argued that discarded baby items are common and usually harmless.

One person commented: “Someone may have put it on for when someone gets off [the road] to see what happens…”

Concerned Woman
Nancy Walsh/Facebook

Another added: “It’s a bait trap. don’t get out. Pull over. STAY IN THE CAR. Lock the door. And call 911 FAST.”

If you encounter an abandoned pram or similar item on the road, remember Nancy Walsh’s advice: stay in your car, lock the doors, and alert the authorities. It’s better to be cautious and safe than to risk becoming a victim of a potential trap.

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