15 Confusing Pics You Can’t Google For An Answer

Confusing pictures that will keep you wondering

We come across many deceiving and confusing images on the internet. There are so many of them that even if we could Google for an explanation, we could not find it.

You might need to read the captions or look twice to understand what is going on there.

Viral Strange has collected 15 confusing pics that will keep you wondering how.

1. For a split second, I thought Derek Truck’s guitar cable was coming out of my TV and I was very confused

© skaternewt / Reddit

2. Giant Man? RC Planes? Giant Plane?

© aaae1115 / Reddit

3. Cat head creature standing on two tiny paws

© regibegi / Reddit

4. I had to look twice.

© DunderGifflin / Imgur

5. My friend and I painted this 3D illusion in Chicago last week

© PunchyMcSkeletor / Reddit

6. Reflection on the water in the Beatus caves in Switzerland

© TheGalaxyPandaa / Reddit

7. Saw this guy driving up a traffic light the other day.

© Hugs_for_Thugs / Reddit

8. Yeah, a fish head is a pretty random thing to find in a toilet, I guess. How about a whole, live catfish, though?

© DFWV / Reddit

9. This is not a person

© efaith1301 / Reddit

10. My wife changing our 3-month-old. That’s quite a leg on that baby.

© Whitneyalan / Reddit

11. Went to our local cinema on Sunday and took a photo of the screen to show some friends. This random lady now has superman’s laser vision.

© PoppysDaddy2017 / Reddit

12. This man has matching shoes in his shoes.

© marabou22 / Reddit

13. Floating ship

© KAPH86 / Reddit

14. We can now project the news into the sky.

© laudida / Reddit

15. My paw fell off

© unionsquared1121 / Reddit

Which one was the most confusing? Did you get the whole picture at first glance? Tell us in the comments.

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