Couple thought it was a “message in a bottle”, make morbid discovery

Nowadays, tossing a message in a bottle into the sea is often considered outdated, given the prevalence of more efficient, precise, and widely accessible forms of communication.

However, it’s not surprising that encountering a bottle washed ashore on a beach sparks a morbid curiosity, compelling one to open it and explore its contents.

This scenario unfolded on a beach in Northern Queensland, Australia, where Rick and Crystal, a traveling couple with just over 550 TikTok followers, stumbled upon a bottle. They attempted to extract the note inside, even pouring out some sand that had collected within it.


Struggling to retrieve the message, they managed to read a few words through the glass, realizing the bottle contained the ashes of a man named Geoffry. His wish, as expressed in the note, was for his ashes to journey the seas: “If found, please throw bottle into outgoing tide so I can continue my journey.”

However, instead of fulfilling his wish, Geoffry’s ashes ended up mixed with the sand on an Australian beach, a revelation that both shocked and amused many TikTok commenters.

One comment, garnering 16 thousand likes, joked, “You’d think they’d super glue the lid on,” highlighting the ease with which Geoffry’s ashes were unintentionally scattered. Another suggested discreetly refilling the bottle with sand and tossing it back into the sea.


As previously mentioned, while the practice of leaving messages in bottles has declined, it persists in popular culture, influenced by literary figures like Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Dickens. Despite their 19th-century origins, the tradition lives on, as demonstrated by Geoffry’s unconventional final voyage.

Written by Telha

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