Cynthia Bailey Reveals Recent Cosmetic Procedure

Cynthia Bailey unveils her latest cosmetic enhancement, sharing the details of her recent procedure and the stunning results.

Cynthia Bailey is never shy to make a new beauty move, as evidenced in the video above showcasing her rocking a dazzling array of hair colors and styles. More recently, The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum surprised everyone by taking on a new cosmetic procedure. Despite not being a significant commitment, Cynthia admitted she was “on the fence” about fully embracing it.

Cynthia Bailey undergoes microblading for her eyebrows.

Sharing a video on December 24, Cynthia reclined in a beauty technician’s room, capturing the process. The technician diligently worked on her eyebrows, as documented by the Atlanta mom.

In the caption, Cynthia provided a detailed explanation of the microblading process: “Been on the fence about getting my brows microbladed for years. I finally decided to go for it & always have heard from my friends that have had it done that. Mileide Marques was the best in Atlanta!”

She radiates natural beauty in a stunning makeup-free selfie.


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Cynthia Bailey continued: “I only wear makeup when I am working & filming so I wanted to make sure that my brows looked natural with & without makeup. Milly gave me exactly what i wanted & i love my results! I highly recommend. What do you guys think?”

Cynthia Bailey

Cosmopolitan reports that microblading involves a semi-permanent tattoo technique, utilizing a “blade-shaped tool” with small needles. This method crafts hair-like strokes on your brows, depositing pigment into the skin for a natural appearance.

The desired outcome is a realistic and voluminous look, resembling fluffy brow hairs. The effects typically last for a year or more before gradually fading.

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