Dad Covered in Tattoos Marked as “Bad Father” Battles Everyday Prejudice

His wife claims people need to see through his tattoos and adds that he’s a big-hearted person.

Richard Huff, a 51-year-old self-proclaimed “ink addict,” shared his experiences of facing negativity due to his love for tattoos. With over 240 tattoos covering 85% of his body, he often encounters online criticism, being labeled a “bad parent” and a “monster.” Despite this, Richard, a father of seven, remains dedicated to his family, actively participating in his children’s lives and school activities.

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Starting his tattoo journey at 17, Richard expresses his fascination with the pain and artistry involved. However, his heavily tattooed appearance sometimes leads to negative perceptions, with his children’s friends describing him as “scary.” Even his wife, Marita, initially judged him based on his looks but later recognized his big-hearted nature.

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Despite the judgment, Richard remains steadfast in his role as a father, participating in PTA and attending his kids’ functions. While online comments criticize his facial tattoos, supporters defend him, emphasizing his right to make personal choices. Richard remains resilient, asserting that negative comments reflect more on the commenter than on him.

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In the face of online criticism, Richard prioritizes his family’s happiness, highlighting that his tattoos don’t make him a bad father. He sees his inked body as an opportunity for his children to gain a different perspective on life, reinforcing that their well-being is what truly matters to him.

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