Dirty Talk: 12 Questions To Turn Her On

Learn dirty talk to ignite her passions and spark intimacy. Explore these conversation starters to turn her on.

Dirty talk can be generally acceptable and safe, yet it’s essential to be mindful of what might make some women uncomfortable. It depends on personalities and context. Having a handy list of questions helps determine the most appropriate ones for any situation.

Viral Strange has prepared a list of 12 questions to turn her on and master your dirty talk.

Dirty Talk
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1. What do you wear to bed?

2. In which outfit do you feel the sexiest?

3. Have you ever randomly made out with a guy just because you were horny?

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4. What’s your secret move to turn a guy on?

5. What’s your favorite part of a man’s body?

Dirty Talk
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6. Which part of your body do you like to be touched the most to get in the mood?

7. Does receiving messages arouse you?

Dirty Talk
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8. Do you read articles on improving your oral sex game?

9. How do you prefer me groomed – completely shaved or with hair?

10. What can I do to further arouse you?

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11. Where would you like me to touch you first?

12. Is it okay if we use toys?

Do you like dirty talk? What about your girlfriend? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Viral Strange

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