Elyse Monroe, Plus-Size Senior Breaks Down in Tears

Elyse Monroe, a plus-size senior, shares the journey of finding her dream prom dress. Witness the tears in this heartwarming story.

Elyse Monroe, a plus-size high school senior, embarked on a quest for a prom dress, facing limited options within her budget. However, fate had a remarkable surprise in store, as a TikTok video capturing this touching moment garnered over 14 million views.

Elyse Monroe journeyed to a distant shop in pursuit of her dream dress.

Elyse Monroe
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Elyse Monroe, an 18-year-old student, embarked on a 6-hour journey with her mother, two aunts, and grandmother to secure a prom dress in her size. Introduced to a boutique on TikTok, owned by Lucille, known for showcasing joyous moments as customers discover their dream dresses.

Despite residing far from the boutique, Elyse deemed the lengthy drive worthwhile for a personal prom consultation with Lucille. The young student expressed that acquiring clothes has consistently posed challenges. “Shopping is usually pretty stressful for me, which is why I mostly shop online,” she shared.

The store owner founded her business with a purpose.

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Driven by her negative memories of prom, Lucille opened her shop specifically to offer plus-size prom dresses. Recalling the limited fashionable choices for plus-size individuals in the ’90s, she shared how this scarcity fueled self-doubt during her adolescence.

Despite the hardships, Lucille appreciates the lessons learned from those experiences. These challenges now motivate her to positively impact others encountering similar struggles today. Reflecting on her past, she stated, “Prom dress shopping was horrific for me…dressing these dolls is healing me.”

Fortune smiled upon her, leading her to discover the ideal dress.

Elyse Monroe
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In addition, the store owner captured Monroe’s dressing room experience with her family. The video, viewed over 14 million times, showcases her family’s support as she models three distinct prom dresses.

The initial choice was a dazzling red gown with spaghetti straps, but the family disapproved of its low-cut neckline. Subsequently, Monroe donned a purple dress adorned with crystals, criss-cross straps, a corseted back, and practical pockets. Another option emerged — an asymmetrical strapless black gown, yet it failed to capture the young girl’s favor.

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When Monroe stepped into the purple gown, the owner praised, “I love that on you. It is so beautiful.” She twirled, and the owner exclaimed, “Disney princess!”

Choosing the purple dress brought a surprise during payment. “This dress is $700,” Lucille informed, leaving the young lady taken aback. “But it’s free,” she continued.

Met with disbelief, Monroe’s family stared as the shop owner explained, “We’re giving it to you.” The generous offer left them in awe.

The shop owner’s gesture was truly unbelievable to Elyse Monroe.

Elyse Monroe
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Overwhelmed by the kind act, Monroe and her family hugged, tears streaming down their faces. She expressed gratitude for the gifted dress, noting it not only fits perfectly but also boosts her self-esteem. “Prom is a night where you want to feel beautiful. And I feel beautiful in that dress.” she added.

The shop owner reiterated that her boutique embraces everyone. Each visitor, regardless of size, deserves to be valued and appreciated. “No matter what your size, you are here on purpose, and you have the right to be loved,” she emphasized, creating a welcoming environment for all.

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