Eva Mendes Has the Perfect Response to Her Husbant Viral Reaction at Critic’s Choice Award

The actor, awarded for Best Song with Barbie’s “I’m Just Ken,” went viral with memes and GIFs for his perplexed reaction at the Los Angeles ceremony.

In Greta Gerwig’s comedic film, Ryan Gosling, portraying the Stereotypical Ken, delivered a humorous and self-deprecating tune, accompanied by a choreographed dance with other Kens.

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Despite winning over competitors, including two other Barbie songs, Gosling appeared bewildered and somewhat annoyed, possibly not deeming the track worthy of the honor. Eva Mendes showcased Gosling’s viral moment expressing impostor syndrome on her Instagram, captioning it simply with “I LOVE HIM!!!!”

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Mendes paid a special tribute to Gosling by sharing pictures of herself donning a white t-shirt featuring Ryan in character as Ken from his upcoming movie Barbie. The caption read, “Got that real big Kenergy. Coz girls are players too.” The post garnered over 190k likes from her 4 million Instagram followers.

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This isn’t the first time Eva has supported Gosling’s much-anticipated film. In a previous interview, she discussed a viral photo of Gosling as Ken, describing it as funny and acknowledging his attempt at humor. She humorously mentioned requesting him to have the underwear he wore in the photo, adding that she was wearing it during the interview.

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