Fans accuse MKG of wanting to “turn black”

Fans of Machine Gun Kelly are grieving the disappearance of his Cleveland-themed chest tattoos following the unveiling of his extensive blackout tattoo, while some are criticizing him, alleging that he desires to emulate black culture.

Machine Gun Kelly, the Grammy-nominated rapper behind “Bloody Valentine,” unveiled his latest tattoo masterpiece on Instagram, showcasing a bold blackout design covering his upper chest and a significant portion of his arms, even including his nipples. The once vibrant tattoos peek through the intricate cross design formed by negative space on his chest.



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This striking tattoo was crafted by Roxx and Cats, esteemed tattoo artists known for their expertise in black-work-only designs, boasting over five decades of combined experience.

Confirming its permanence, representatives for Roxx and Cats assured that the tattoo was completed over the holiday season, with Roxx handling the intricate process. Despite the challenges, MGK, or Colson Baker, as he’s known offstage, expressed gratitude in his Instagram caption, citing the tattoo’s spiritual significance.


In response, Roxx praised MGK for his resilience and complimented his new look, to which the rapper graciously replied, thanking the tattoo artist for both the joy and the pain experienced throughout the process.

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