Germany legalises cannabis

Germany legalized cannabis possession and cultivation from April 1, aiming to reduce crime and black market activity, with limited home cultivation allowed, plans for licensed sales scrapped, and cannabis clubs permitted from July 1, aligning with other European countries.

The Bundestag, Germany’s lower house of parliament, has approved the legalization of cannabis, allowing residents to possess and grow marijuana starting April 1. Medical marijuana has been legal for seriously ill patients with a prescription since 2017.


The legislation, proposed by the ruling coalition comprising the Social Democratic Party (SPD), Free Democratic Party (FDP), and Greens, has faced opposition from the Christian Democratic Union. Despite criticisms from medical associations and the judiciary regarding health and criminal concerns, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has emphasized the law’s aim to combat the black market, reduce drug-related crime, and mitigate the circulation of harmful substances.


The law permits adults to cultivate up to three cannabis plants at home and possess 50 grams, with a limit of 25 grams for public consumption. Plans for licensed cannabis shops and pharmacies were scrapped, but cannabis clubs for joint cultivation with up to 500 members will be permitted from July 1.

Germany joins other European countries like Malta and the Netherlands in either legalizing or decriminalizing cannabis.

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