Gorgeous Twin Sisters With Different Skin Color Are a Rare Occurrence

Giving birth to twins with different skin colors is indeed a one-in-a-million occurrence.

Giving birth is the most precious moment for many women. A baby is always a blessing. Two? Even better!

Some people call it divine giving birth to twins. Two identical individuals come to life. However, that is not always the case. We already know that some twins might not be similar at all.

On the other hand, some twins have so many differences that you can undoubtedly question if they are twins or not!


A couple in England became parents to two beautiful daughters, twins, but very different. The twins are biracial! Biracial twins are considered a one-in-a-million occurrence!

Lucy and Maria Aylmer were born in Gloucester, England.


At first glance, you would instantly notice their difference because of their genetic variations. Their mom’s heritage is half Jamaican, and their father is white.

Lucy is a redhead with pale skin. On the other hand, her twin, Maria, has curly hair and darker skin. Both sisters share a strong bond!

However, when they were younger, their differences might come to light sometimes.


Maria was envious of Lucy’s straight hair. On the other hand, Lucy says that while growing up, kids made fun of her, calling her adopted.

Growing up, they learned to embrace their differences proudly


However, the gorgeous twins grew up with individual identities and personalities, like every other person. They love fashion and social outlooks. Sharing a strong bond, sisters embrace their unique differences and are proud of their race.

When they became popular on social media, many people were in disbelief of this rare occurrence. It is indeed something special that we rarely come across. The twins have three other siblings that share the same complexion.

They said on Good Morning Britain, that by the age of 7 they realized they were different, even though they had experienced some of the same pains as twins.

These gorgeous biracial sisters are proud to be twins, and embrace their differences without any obstacles coming in the way.

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