“Gossip Girl” Star Ed Westwick Finds His Real Life Blair

“Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick, known for his role as Chuck Bass, proposed to his real-life Blair, Amy Jackson, during a ski trip to Switzerland, deviating from the Upper East Side setting of the show.”

Ed Westwick and Amy Jackson unveiled their engagement joyously on Instagram, sharing captivating snapshots of the enchanting moment. Overflowing with excitement, actress and model Amy couldn’t help but exclaim ‘Hell Yes!’ in her Instagram post, while Ed, on his Instagram story, expressed that he had ‘hit the jackpot’ with Amy.

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Their love story unfolded in 2021 at a race day with Aston Martin at Silverstone racetrack. Ed, attending with a friend familiar with Amy, seized the opportunity to make a move on her the moment he laid eyes on her. Recounting the memorable day, Ed shared, “We had a wonderful day, and she beat me [in the race]. Her lap time was a lot better than mine! She’s been making my heart race from day one!”

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Serendipitously, Ed and Amy discovered they were living near each other. “At the time, she was looking to move to Hampstead in London, and I was also looking there at the time. I promise!” Ed chuckled, adding, “She moved, and I moved shortly afterward to my place there, but very close to each other.”

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Transitioning from the bustling city life, the Gossip Girl star and his fiancée, Amy Jackson, have embraced a quieter existence in the countryside. Ed paints a picturesque scene, “We are surrounded by countryside, and I wake up in the morning and walk around, and there’s no one but us and my neighbor’s horses.”

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The couple, now residing in the tranquil countryside, radiates happiness. “We are very, very happy,” Ed declares, capturing the serenity of their idyllic life together.

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