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How To Get In Shape Like Celebrities With These Tricks

9 tricks used by celebrities to stay in shape all the time, from different diets to alcohol and salty baths

Have you ever watched your favorite celebrity on TV and wondered – “How come do they get in shape so easily and stay that way all the time?”.

We at Viral Strange will show you some little tricks these celebrities are using in their daily routine to keep up with that perfect, toned physical shape.

Madonna: The Werewolf Diet

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What’s your thought on an eating schedule based on the lunar calendar, like Madonna? If yes, “The Werewolf Diet” is the one for you.

Some experts say that people’s metabolism is affected by different lunar phases. The most important part of this diet consists of liquids. During a full moon, it’s suggested to only drink liquids and then drink some more for the next day and a half during the new moon.

Renée Zellweger: Ice Cubes

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It’s important to mention that Renée only uses this method when craving unhealthy food.

Eating ice cubes, just like drinking cold water, makes the metabolism warm down everything we consume in the body’s temperature. In this case, the ice cubes.
Therefore, the body spending energy results in weight loss.

Lady Gaga: Whiskey

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Drink whiskey AND lose weight? Who would have thought!

Well, there is no doubt in excepting anything less from Gaga! She said in an interview: “I love drinking whiskey when working. But the point is, I need to train every day, and I often have to do it after the hangover.”

Yeah, we have to ask the liver about that…

Miranda Kerr: Coconut Oil

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Miranda’s secret to weight loss is coconut oil!

Yes, she uses it everywhere. In food, for her hair, for her skin… We can’t have any debate in here: she’s perfect!

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Cabbage Soup

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Cabbage soup, anyone? Like… all the time?

The Cabbage Soup Diet consists in eating cabbage soup in unlimited amounts since cabbage is considered a low-calorie meal. Sarah used this diet before any important events, and she says that it helps her lose up to 11 pounds per week.

Heidi Klum: English Salt

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Would you believe if we say that taking a bath would help you lose weight? Heidi says so!

The elegant model says that such English Salt baths affect the release of that extra water weight in the belly, appearing much slimmer and fit!

Jennifer Lopez: Essential Oils

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Aromatherapy is the trick that makes JLo so gorgeous!

She uses essential oils, or better said: she breathes them in, uses them on her skin, or even ingests them! The 52-years old singer says that grapefruit essential oils make her less likely to grab a snack.

Megan Fox: Apple Vinegar

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Megan Fox’s little trick of being in that good, sexy shape all the time, is drinking a mixture of water with two tablespoons of apple vinegar every morning!

However, this method is not suggested to people with liver or stomach problems.

Kim Kardashian: Atkins Diet

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Kim K’s eating schedule consists in eating small portions, but often.

Atkins diet requires you to eat fewer carbohydrates and more protein – so say goodbye to eating sugary foods or juices!

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