“I’d Zuck him”, Photoshopped picture of Mark Zuckerberg makes girls go wild

The fervor was undeniable as fans found themselves captivated by Mark Zuckerberg, all thanks to a photoshopped image featuring him sporting a beard that swiftly made its rounds on social media platforms.

This altered picture stemmed from a video shared by the Facebook co-founder on Instagram, where he announced the rollout of the new version of Meta AI.

In the video, Zuckerberg confidently displayed his trademark short curls, dressed casually in a plain blue T-shirt and adorned with a gold chain, as he directly addressed his vast following of over 13 million Instagram users.


Comments flooded in from all corners of the internet, with users expressing their newfound admiration in various colorful ways.

Some unabashedly declared sentiments like “i’d zuck him off” and humorously claimed, “Gonna tell my kids this was Jack Harlow.” Meanwhile, Twitter became a playground for playful banter and flirtatious remarks, with tweets ranging from “OH COME AND ZUCKER THIS BERG” to “He needs to grow that facial hair fr he went from Robo-Zuck to Zaddy-Zuck.”


The allure of Zuckerberg’s newfound facial hair even sparked more risqué comments, with one user boldly stating, “I’ll give him more than just my data,” while another couldn’t help but exclaim, “he’s so sexy that way wdf.”


It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Zuckerberg, with a net worth exceeding $175 billion, has found himself thrust into the spotlight of internet memes and viral sensations.

Written by Telha

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