Italian considered the sexiest language in the world

Italian has been deemed the sexiest language in the world, according to a Babbel study involving 6000 participants from several countries.

Italian is considered the sexiest language in the world!

This comes from a study by Babbel, a well-known platform for language studies, which conducted research on a sample of 6000 people from England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the United States.

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Participants were asked which accent they found to be the “most attractive, sexy, and romantic” to them.

Our language received the highest number of votes, thus dethroning French, which many consider to be among the most sensual.

An explanation was provided by Noël Wolf, a language teacher, to the Daily Mail: “The rising and falling of tones can create a certain musical quality, which some people find seductive and attractive.”


Patti Adank, a linguist, also clarified how “Italian and French appeal to English speakers, as they sometimes seem like pleasant melodies.” 🤔

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