“It’s a standard 20% tip these days, cheapskate”

Amelia recounts a dining experience where a waitress’s rude comment about a $10 tip led to a public confrontation.

Amelia recently shared a dining experience that took a negative turn, highlighting the nuances of tipping and customer service. She and her husband were celebrating his promotion at a restaurant, and everything was going smoothly until they received the bill.



After leaving a $10 tip on an $85 bill, the waitress made a snide remark, “Ten bucks? This isn’t the 1950s anymore, you know.” Shocked by the attitude, Amelia responded that she thought $10 was a fair tip. The waitress then retorted that a 20% tip was standard, implying Amelia was being cheap. “It’s a standard 20% tip these days, cheapskate. Do you not know how to calculate that?”

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Frustrated, Amelia decided to take back the tip, stating, “With that kind of nasty attitude, you don’t deserve a tip at all!” The situation escalated as the waitress publicly berated Amelia, causing a scene that ended with the manager intervening and removing the waitress. Amelia and her husband left without leaving a tip.

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Reflecting on the incident, Amelia admitted she might have overreacted but felt justified due to the waitress’s unprofessional behavior. This experience raises important questions about tipping etiquette and handling conflicts in service settings. Was Amelia’s reaction appropriate, or should she have maintained her composure?

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The debate continues, with many weighing in on how to manage such situations without escalating them. What would you do?

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