Jessica Simpson’s Makeup-Free Birthday Photo Sparks Outrage

Jessica Simpson’s bare-faced birthday pic stirs controversy among netizens. Reaction to her makeup-free look.

Jessica Simpson, the singer, actress, and mother of 3, marked her 43rd birthday by shedding the glitz. She posted a makeup-free selfie on social media, triggering both praise for her natural beauty and fury from others.

“43 makeup free (kinda. Ha. I did curl my lashes.)” is what Jessica Simpson wrote in her birthday post.

Jessica Simpson's Makeup-Free

In the photo, Jessica’s radiant smile lights up the frame, accompanied by her sleek blonde hair. Complementing her charm, stylish hoop earrings, a sparkling necklace, and a vibrant red top create a flawless ensemble.

The post garnered mixed reactions from her fan base.


“What’s your skincare routine!?” one of her fans commented. Another fan added: “You’ve never needed makeup. Beautiful as always, Happy Birthday!”

While many still admired her beauty, some disagreed with her description of the picture as “makeup-free.”

Jessica Simpson's Makeup-Free

“Beautiful, but not make up free. Mascara, lip gloss, and concealer is not makeup free,” was the vibe of most comments on the post.

“You look lovely, but please don’t lie about not wearing makeup! You can see the clumpiness of your mascara. It’s irresponsible to put this message out there, as many in the comments are wondering why they don’t look this way makeup-free,” wrote a user.

A mom wrote: “This makes me sad for my young daughter growing up with social media.”

Only days before sharing her picture, Jessica Simpson had voiced concerns about the message photo editing sends to her daughters.


In the interview, Simpson revealed her frequent doubts about raising her daughters. A social media photo request highlighted her compliance with norms, which she disliked for its impact on her and her daughters.

“I was going to post a photo because everybody’s down my neck, Jessica, you need to post, Jessica, you need to post. I’m like, OK. Then I go to post, and I’m like, oh, but let’s go to the FaceApp. I’m like, Oh, that makes it look a little bit better. Oh, that makes it a little bit better. What has done that to me? What is that doing to my daughter? What we’re doing on social media is creating this idea of what is beautiful and setting up our lives artificially — to look good for who?” Jessica explained.

In current times, numerous celebrities opt to embrace their natural look in photos, foregoing the need for makeup. Certain stars proudly appear without any makeup.

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