Joan Woodhouse, 92, Shares Timeless Beauty Secrets

Discover timeless beauty secrets with 92-year-old Joan Woodhouse. Uncover ageless tips for radiant skin and a youthful glow.

Joan Woodhouse, at 92 years old, often leaves people incredulous about her age. Displaying her youthful attire and fantastic body on social media, this great-grandma of 10 was recently questioned about the secret behind her fabulous physique. Surprisingly, her answer is simpler than you’d think.

Her budget-friendly beauty secret is surprisingly affordable.

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When a follower marveled at her ageless appearance, Joan revealed, “My secret’s Nivea because I’ve used it for 70-odd years.”

She explained, “I used to have a hot bath, get out of the bath, dry myself, and then while my body was still hot, I would put the cream on.’’ She further added that back in the day, the cream had a harder texture than it has today, which is why she noted, ’’I had to warm it first to make it soft.”

Joan Woodhouse follows a specific rule regarding her food choices.

Joan Woodhouse
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Woodhouse attributes her excellent physique to her unique nutritional philosophy. She discloses that she doesn’t adhere to restrictive diets and always enjoys the foods she craves.

Expressing her perspective, she states, “I don’t follow any silly diets. I just eat what I want and what makes me happy.”

Joan Woodhouse
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She expressed her fondness for English cuisine but mentioned a shift towards salads due to her residence in a warmer climate. Nevertheless, Woodhouse adamantly declared, “I’ll never not have my pies.”

Her beauty is completely innate.

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Despite her radiant appearance, Woodhouse faces frequent inquiries about potential cosmetic procedures. She affirms that her only surgeries involve her hips and knees, stating, “No surgery at all on my face. Well, I’ve had hip and knee surgery.”

Highlighting financial constraints, Woodhouse humorously mentions, “I couldn’t afford it! I’ve had 8 children, 18 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. I’ve never had enough money to do that!”

Joan Woodhouse has a profound love for life.

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Woodhouse’s radiant glow is attributed to her positive mindset, love for life, and refusal to adopt an “old” mentality.

She strongly advocates that life’s simplest pleasures bring the most joy, expressing, “I love wearing a bikini and going to the beach with my granddaughter.”

Joan Woodhouse
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This inspirational woman affirms, “Age is just a number, I keep young by staying positive and eating what I want. It works for me.”

We wholeheartedly concur. She embraces her age and radiates a timeless elegance that captivates everyone around her. We admire women who exude timeless beauty and confidence.

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