Klum’s and Seal’s Children Went Public With Their Father

Seal, former husband of Heidi Klum, organized a rare family reunion, showcasing all four of his children from his previous marriage. The 60-year-old singer appeared publicly with his teenage sons, who notably stood out for their height, possibly matching or even surpassing their famous father.

Posing with grace outside the Academy Museum, Seal emanated pride in the company of his daughters Lou (13) and Leni (19), as well as his sons Johan (16) and the towering 18-year-old Henry, whose height already matches his famous father at 6’3.

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Accompanied by his longtime partner Laura Strayer, Seal exuded joy, standing confidently with his family, who collectively showcased an effortless and impeccable style, creating a captivating presence.


Leni, Seal’s adopted daughter from his past relationship with Heidi Klum, holds a significant place in his heart. Their paths converged in 2005, coinciding with Klum expecting her strikingly similar-looking daughter. Despite their eventual split in 2012, Seal considers this transformative event a chapter that “changed [his] life for the better.”

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Seal expressed profound pride in Leni’s blossoming modeling career, emphasizing not just her accomplishments but also her humility and innate understanding of people. He admires her ability to gracefully navigate through life and connect with others on a deeper level.

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Heidi Klum, the renowned model and television host, has found happiness in her marriage to Tom Kaulitz, a 33-year-old musician, since their union in 2019. Heidi acknowledges Tom’s remarkable role in her large family, describing him as “amazing” and acknowledging the challenges of stepping into an immediate family with four kids and teenagers.

With four children from her previous marriage, Heidi and Tom have cultivated a close-knit and loving family. The couple frequently shares expressions of joy and love through public appearances and heartfelt social media posts, providing fans with glimpses into their harmonious and happy life together.

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