Large-Chested Advocate: I’m Helping Women Stop Feeling Shame

Join the movement with a large-chested advocate, empowering women to embrace their bodies without shame. Discover a confident journey!

Large-chested and passionate about body image, a coach has transformed her struggles into a mission to empower fellow women with ample curves.

Growing up as a large-chested girl, she faced challenges in her teenage years but now seeks to eliminate the shame associated with natural body features.

@sarahinyellow I’ve been going to the gym for 4 months and I haven’t lost weight. not because I’m not doing enough, because this is where my healthy body WANTS to be💛 #midsizegirl ♬ original sound – Sarah • Body Image Coach

“I’ve been the girl with big boobs since before I can remember,” said Sarah.

Despite enduring suffering, it has ultimately shaped her into the person she is in her current role.

“This one’s for my girls who were sl*t shamed in high school for their natural curves,” she said in her clip.

Sarah’s impactful message has resonated with a broad audience, as evidenced by her impressive TikTok following of over 101,000. Through her platform, she strives to foster a deeper sense of body love.

Large-Chested Advocate
Credit: TikTok/sarahinyellow

“A lot of my clients feel ashamed of their natural body when they have larger breasts,” she said.

Sarah has devised a three-step guide to assist women in cultivating pride in their bodies, steering clear of embarrassment or mortification.

“Deconstructing the shame you feel about having big boobs,” she said. “We have to look at where those emotions came from in [the] younger years.” Sarah explained that the initial step involved comprehending the underlying causes of shame associated with a naturally curvy physique.

These sources could range from fashion magazines to remarks made by friends or family, whether expressing envy or admiration.

@sarahinyellow At his ones for my girls who were sl*t shamed in highschool for their natural curves #normalizenormalbodies #bodyshame ♬ original sound – Sarah • Body Image Coach

“Regardless of the nature of the comments, [they could feel like] judgments. Hold the space for those painful emotions. Just validating them and finding a way of working through them. Overall just showing some compassion day-to-day and recognizing that [a curvy] body was natural and nothing to be ashamed of,” said Sarah.

Sarah’s preferred segment of the program was the last one, where she crafted an action plan to foster body empowerment and address her insecurities.

“This included conversations about boundaries that needed to be set in the future around friends and family. And set strategies for empowerment so [women] can say no thank you to men at the bar and men in DMs who make comments about [their] bodies,” she said.

Sarah added: “There is nothing wrong with how your natural body has grown and presented as a woman and you’re not showing off by simply existing.”

Credit: TikTok/sarahinyellow

Commenters connected with her post, and one man even expressed the desire to offer an apology.

“Oh my God, this resonates so hard. I was saving money for a reduction surgery until I started learning about dysmorphia. Thanks for sharing,” wrote one follower.

Another wrote: “I like my chest but I hate how they make me look sometimes. And I hate when people think I’m showing them to get attention.”

Do you think large-chested women are judged by people? Why do you think is that? Let us know in the comments.

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