Microsoft fires engineer after 22 years, he starts new career as goose farmer

The remarkable journey of a man who, after dedicating an impressive 22 years of his life to Microsoft, made an astonishing leap into the realm of goose farming.

The tale of a career metamorphosis has ignited widespread curiosity and fascination, sparked by a recent post shared by an individual on social media platform X.

As divulged by his LinkedIn profile, the pivotal decision to embark on this unconventional path unfolded following his departure from the tech behemoth. His professional journey, meticulously outlined on the platform, showcases a lengthy tenure at Microsoft, spanning over two decades and four months.

However, what truly captivates attention is his current occupation succinctly stated as “Goose farmer,” a role he has wholeheartedly embraced for the past 11 months.


The transition from the corporate world to the agrarian landscape is as unexpected as it is intriguing. It prompts contemplation on the driving forces behind such a dramatic career pivot and invites speculation on the newfound passions and pursuits that may have inspired this change.

Indeed, this remarkable narrative serves as a poignant reminder of the boundless possibilities that await those willing to venture beyond the confines of familiarity and embrace the unknown in pursuit of personal fulfillment and purpose.

Written by Telha

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