Mysterious ‘pyramid’ discovered beneath the ice in Antarctica

One of the ‘pyramids’ located within Antarctica’s Ellsworth Mountain range spans an impressive 2 kilometers in each direction at its base.

Speculation has been swirling after a peculiar formation was sighted beneath the icy surface of Antarctica, sparking rumors of a pyramid lurking beneath.

Questions abound regarding the plausibility of such a structure in a region deemed uninhabitable for millennia, leading some to jest about the intelligence of Antarctic penguins.


Yet, the enigmatic shape persists, prompting many to ponder its origins.The intrigue intensified when satellite images captured the presence of several unusual peaks in the southern expanse of Antarctica’s Ellsworth Mountain range, notably one boasting dimensions reminiscent of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.


As word spread across the internet, theories ranging from ancient civilizations to conspiracy theories like the Illuminati surfaced, each attempting to unravel the mystery of the Antarctic pyramid.

Amid the fervor, skeptics emerged, challenging the notion of a man-made structure nestled amidst the frozen terrain. Geology professor Eric Rignot sought to dispel the speculation, explaining to CBS that the purported pyramid is, in fact, a natural geological feature known as a ‘pyramidal peaked mountain’.


These formations arise from the convergence of glaciers, giving rise to pyramid-like shapes, albeit devoid of human intervention. While the allure of an Antarctic pyramid may captivate imaginations, the truth remains grounded in the geological processes shaping the world’s most remote regions.

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