“New Nostradamus” predicts the start date of WW3

Kumar, who initially made this prediction in May, has pointed to a series of recent events as ominous signs of an impending global conflict.

Indian astrologer Kushal Kumar, known as the ‘New Nostradamus,’ has sparked concern with his recent prediction that World War 3 could begin within the next 48 hours.


Signs of Impending Conflict
Kumar highlighted several alarming incidents, including terror attacks along the India-Pakistan border, North Korean soldiers crossing into South Korea, and escalating tensions between Israel and Lebanon. He emphasized June 18, 2024, as a date marked by significant planetary alignments that could potentially trigger a worldwide conflict.


Warnings and Predictions
In a statement to The Daily Star, Kumar stated, “NOW, Tuesday, 18 June 2024 has the strongest planetary stimulus to trigger WW3.” He also referenced a recent terror attack on Indian pilgrims and the incursion of North Korean troops into the Demilitarized Zone as evidence supporting his prediction.

Written by Telha

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