People shocked after seeing Eminem’s phone

Fans were surprised to see the type of phone used by legendary rapper Eminem when it was inadvertently visible in a picture he posted on Instagram.

Despite being hailed as one of the greatest rappers globally and boasting a net worth of $250 million, Eminem surprised fans when his choice of phone became a topic of discussion after appearing in a photo on DJWhooKid’s Instagram account. In the image, Eminem is seen engrossed in his phone, prompting eagle-eyed fans to notice the nostalgic device in his hands.


Despite his immense wealth, Eminem has consistently favored simplicity over extravagance. This inclination was evident in a 2009 interview with Jonathan Ross, where the “Rap God” recounted a story from his early days of fame. He recalled deliberating with his manager over the affordability of a $100 watch, which he still wears today despite his significant fame and fortune.

With an income that many can only dream of, one might expect Eminem to be surrounded by the latest gadgets. However, it appears that Eminem prioritizes comfort and functionality over keeping up with fashion and technological trends, as evidenced by his continued use of a BLACKBERRY.

Written by Telha

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