Selena Hits Back at Fans Who Think Her Boyfriend is Ugly

Recently, Selena Gomez surprised her fans by publicly revealing her romantic involvement with music producer Benny Blanco. Despite expressing her happiness in the relationship, a lingering doubt persists among some fans regarding whether Benny is the right match for her.

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The primary source of discontent among Selena’s fans stems from a 2020 interview in which Benny seemingly shaded her. During the interview, he praised Justin Bieber while subtly criticizing Selena and other celebrities for their approach to launching makeup lines. Benny emphasized Justin’s authenticity, contrasting it with what he described as the typical promotion of a new single accompanied by a makeup line. It’s noteworthy that Selena Gomez established her makeup line in the same year as this interview.

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However, the dissatisfaction with Selena’s relationship with Benny isn’t solely rooted in the interview. Some fans believe Benny lacks sufficient attractiveness. Social media users have taken to viral tweets, cruelly targeting Benny’s looks, body, and height as reasons why Selena should not be with him.

In response to the criticism, Selena invoked the wisdom from her song “Kill Em with Kindness,” publicly stating that Benny has treated her better than anyone else. She emphasized his qualities, stating that he surpasses anyone she has been with in the past. When confronted by a commenter questioning her decision to date Benny, Selena firmly asserted her autonomy, revealing that she has been in therapy since the age of 18 and is confident in her ability to make decisions for herself and fight for what she deserves.

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Despite the negative comments, sources claim that Selena is content in her relationship with Blanco. She reportedly feels safe and secure with him, prompting her to share her happiness with her fans. This isn’t the first time Selena has faced unpleasant comments; she previously dealt with criticism regarding her red-carpet appearance with the same grace.

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